Majority of students find much difficulty in writing essays. There is a myriad of reasons that impede proper writing of compositions. One of them is the inability to generate suitable exploratory essay topics and ideas to write on a particular topic. As such, students are unable to write relevant papers.

Another problem is supporting ideas with valid discussions and arguments. When a writer is not able to properly express ideas, he or she ends up with an essay that gives shallow insight on the topic. Furthermore, such students are not able to meet the required length of their essays.

The inability to formulate a good thesis statement leads to a poor quality composition that is difficult to comprehend. A thesis statement is the main sentence that informs the reader about the purpose of the paper. All ideas must also reflect on the thesis state, and every unique argument must occupy its paragraph.

Some students are not able to naturally utilize literary techniques within their papers. Idioms, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions need to occur naturally within the text. Performance anxiety is another impediment to good writing. This might be a result of a previous failure in composing an exploratory essay. To improve your confidence, you need to undertake constant writing practice and become a better writer.

What Is an Exploratory Essay? Discover All About It

Most students normally wonder, “what is an exploratory essay? “Exploratory essays significantly differ from the typical essays written by students. Instead of writing to convince the reader to accept the validity of your thesis, you write to discover more about a problem. In the end, you aim to conclude how to solve a particular problem.

There is another special element of exploratory essays that set them apart from other types of essays. These compositions normally reflect the writer’s writing and cognitive ability as he or she finds a way through the particular problem. The papers detail information on when, how, and why a particular type of study was undertaken. Exploratory writing places focus on how your ability to solve problems that require research, analytical, and writing skills. You need to think deeply and thoroughly evaluate your thought process to attain success in such kind of papers.

Where Can I Find Good Exploratory Essay Topics?

Good exploratory essay topics that are considered interesting should be based on an arguable question. This gives the writer a chance to critically analyze facts and make individual judgments that showcase his/her understanding of the issue. For this reason, while developing topics for exploratory essay writing, you need to choose questions that have the following properties:

  • Your question should be one that has not yet been solved
  • The issue should not be something that someone can easily find a solution to, i.e., it needs to be challenging.
  • It should be a contemporary issue that is currently appealing to the public
  • It also needs to be related to a weighty issue.

What is a weighty issue? A weighty issue is a matter related to current problems and subsequent needs. For instance, if it is a question about the level of taxation that should be imposed on individuals, the resulting argument might be a question of where the state shall obtain the revenue when there is a requirement for a strong administration that has the capability of addressing the needs of the citizens.

The first step involved in writing the essay is to develop an outline that highlights all the important points of your paper. You can also gather a few visual aids to use in your paper. After that, proceed with the writing process.

Your introduction needs to be able to capture and keep the reader’s attention. It should also stimulate interest in the issue under discussion. Ensure that the audience understands the issue and reasons why it needs to be addressed. Your question needs to be introduced at the end of the introduction paragraph.

The body section is usually composed of two parts. The first part consists of one paragraph that explains the issue. The second paragraph consists of at least three other paragraphs in which the writer expounds of the multiple arguments about the topic or problem.

In conclusion, you are supposed to voice your perspective on the issues you have been discussing. Furthermore, you can add information on why you chose the topic. Your point of view might be one that you had discussed in the body of the composition, or it can be something you came up with on your own.

Tips on Generating Exploratory Essay Ideas

There are several avenues you might exploit to come up with interesting exploratory essay ideas. You can think about a real-life scenario, make up a story (but inform the audience that it is fiction), describe a situation or a scene. Otherwise, you can also get updated with contemporary events by reading newspapers and watching the news.

How to Find Fun Exploratory Essay Topics

Fun exploratory essay topics require the writer to be creative in choosing issues that are relevant and exciting at the same time. To achieve this, you can consult with your peers on trending issues. You can, after that, practice your points by explaining your ideas in front of a small group. If possible, you can even take turns in having everybody share their outline. After that, the group needs to answer questions, comments, or suggestions.

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