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A George Washington essay is typically written in history classes. Students who enjoy this subject derive much pleasure from partaking in historical writing. It gives them an opportunity to explore the past and discover exciting as well as inspirational information from historical events.

Students who do not like essays find it difficult to write a history essay. They find it tiring to read large volumes of historical literature and get the facts correct. As such, they usually go through content and get surface information. This is not enough to write quality papers.

Other students do not know how to structure an essay. They never begin writing from scratch. As such, they mix up the content they obtained during research without a well-defined order. This makes their content extremely difficult to understand. As such these students need thorough writing help to enable them to produce quality work.

How to Write a George Washington Leadership Essay

There are so many attributes that made George Washington a great leader. As such, finding information to write about a George Washington leadership essay is not difficult. The information is available via many sources both online and offline.

You can visit the library and read textbooks and articles written by historians. When visiting online sources, you can find information from websites, historical blogs, peer-reviewed articles, and online journals. Various leadership attributes you can discuss are as follows:

A Man of Action and Faith

George Washington had a strong belief in God’s providence. He demonstrated this fact through his actions. He was a leader who “walked the talk” and recognized that genuine authority is from God. Each leader is God’s steward and should act accordingly.

Exemplary Conviction and Character

The first characteristic of a leader should be integrity. Nobody is perfect, but Washington tried as much as he can to stand by his principles. This high moral character enabled him to lead his troops in times of adversity.

He Treated His Subordinates with Dignity

He was a man who was against the authoritarian rule. Washington valued freedom and never acted like a tyrant. He had a strong faith in his people and treated them with the utmost respect regardless of their rank.

He Set High Standards

Once his people knew he would give them respect and was personally dedicated to the mission, they were ready to give their all for him. This leadership style is highly effective and enables the leader to ask for greater acts/deeds from followers.

Placed People’s Welfare Above His

No other thing creates loyalty more than a follower who believes the leader cares about him. Willingness to care for others in search of a greater purpose is the ultimate form of servant leadership.

The above points can give your paper a strong foundation on which you can discuss the leadership skills of George Washington.

How to Properly Understand a George Washington Essay Prompt

Before you begin the paper, ensure that you thoroughly read the George Washington essay prompt. There you shall find information such as the word count of the paper, the number of references to use, the formatting style and in some cases, the grading rubric.

How to Write a George Washington Biographical Essay

A George Washington biography essay shall mainly discuss the life of this leader. Biographical essays are normally written in a chronological order starting from when the individual was born and all the activities he/she undertook. The details to be included are early life, professional achievements, and failures, family or personal life as well as the events leading up to his death.

Therefore, for the George Washington essay paper, you need to begin with his date of birth and discuss the events of his early childhood. After that, discuss his educational background and any other achievements. The core of your essay should then focus on his political career and his leadership skills during the American civil war.

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