The conclusion is a very important section of a composition that comes at the very end of a paper. Most students usually do not know how to write a conclusion for an essay because after writing the body, they usually run out of ideas on how to conclude.

By definition, a conclusion is simply the last paragraph of a composition. It sums up all the arguments discussed in the paper, thereby summing up your arguments and reaffirming your stance.

The conclusion of an essay is a writer’s last chance of making an impression on the reader. Unlike the introductory and body paragraphs that offer you the opportunity to discuss your points lengthily, your conclusion only provides for a summary of your key points. Therefore, new ideas should never be introduced in this section. The goal is to make the reader understand your point of view.

The Importance of an Essay Conclusion

An essay conclusion is important for a variety of reasons. For instance, it summarizes the main points or arguments of your composition. Also, through your conclusion, you can organize your thoughts as you summarize them. This is especially beneficial if you had been discussing different conflicting ideas. You can thus utilize this section to offer explanations on the reason why you chose a certain stand.

Finally, a conclusion makes your essay easy to scan. Some readers might not read the entire paper because of various reasons. Instead, they will hastily peruse through the important sections to get an idea of what the composition is all about. For this reason, the introduction & conclusion comprise the most read sections of any given text. The introductory section gives the background information about the topic and bears the thesis statement, while the concluding segment offers a summary of the text.

Understanding How to Write a Good Conclusion for an Essay

A conclusion should not just be written for the sake of completing the work. At the end of the paper, the reader is supposed to understand the essence of all the points you discussed in the body of your composition. A significant proportion of students do not know how to write a good conclusion for an essay. They rush through the conclusion by restating the thesis statement and summarizing the main points without describing their essence.

To write a quality conclusion, you need to undertake the following steps:

  • Reiterate your thesis statement & main ideas

The initial sentence of the conclusion paragraph is supposed to repeat the thesis statement. However, you are not supposed to copy the exact thesis statement. Reword it in a manner that reflects your stance.

  • Sum up the main ideas

Give a summary of your major points or arguments after you are done with restating the thesis statement. This is a method of reminding the reader of the aim of writing the essay. Align all your opposing ideas and discussions to assist the audience see the bigger picture.

  • Make an engaging last impression

Your composition should leave the audience with a greater interest in your story. It also needs to offer closure and reveal other possible areas of study within your topic. All these make you a great thinker and writer.

Tips on How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

While writing the conclusion for your argumentative essay, the steps to observe are somewhat similar to those considered in a general essay. A significant number of students do not know how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay. Begin by reminding your readers about the importance of your topic. Also, you can include something creative or emotional to create a lasting impression on the reader.

The next step is to enumerate your findings. Majority of argumentative papers focus their arguments on sound rationale and logic. Therefore, after capturing your reader’s attention, you can proceed to summarize the most memorable or convincing arguments. Keep your conclusion rational to increase the chances of convincing the audience to accept your point of view. Restating your findings also reminds readers of the major points discussed in the essay.

To wrap it all up effectively, you can use a variety of approaches. First, you can use an emotional appeal in highlighting the essence of your study or emphasize your arguments. Second, you can opt for a call to action in which you urge readers to ponder about other possible approaches to your study. Lastly, you can predict a future outcome in case the audience does not accept your viewpoint.

Writing a Persuasive Essay Conclusion

To write a quality persuasive essay conclusion, you need to observe three key steps. These are:

  • Restating your thesis statement
  • Restating your reasons
  • Writing a call to action

While restating your thesis, there is no need to restate it in its entirety. Just restate your point of view. As you restate your reasons, you also need to convince the reader as to why they are correct. In the final section, your call to action is supposed to give an imperative to the audience with regards to your argument. However, begin by enlightening the readers on the importance of the imperative.

Essentially, a call to action normally undertakes the following functions:

  • Telling readers to take action.
  • Tell the audience the precise action to take in a brief phrase.
  • Conclude the composition with an enthusiastic sentence.

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