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Many challenges prevent students from writing essays. One of them is the difficulty in getting started. Typically, this problem is a result of not pre-writing the essay plan or outline. To write a good paper, a student needs to define a purpose as well as brainstorm on ideas while writing down points.

Another problem is the poor development of a thesis statement. A good thesis statement needs to be short and precise. If you write your thesis too long, it can lead to a poorly composed essay.

The third problem is to choose the right vocabulary. You should write to express and not impress. Inappropriate use of words confuses readers and make them lose interest in your essay. The following sections will guide you on how to write an evaluation essay.

What Is an Evaluation Essay, and What Does It Entail?

You might wonder, “what is an evaluation essay?” This type of paper is one that aims at demonstrating the quality or lack thereof in a particular business, place, product, program or service. While a typical evaluation entails the injection of some opinion, when done properly, this paper should not come across as an opinion article. Rather, your evaluation needs to be unbiased.

This type of writing is very familiar whenever you read a restaurant, movie, book or product review. Essay evaluation writing can at times be funny or serious, sarcastic or earnest. You can choose from a variety of good evaluation essay topics.

Steps to Preparing an Evaluation Essay Thesis

The thesis is the cornerstone of your essay. A good evaluation essay thesis will offer you proper guidance on composing a remarkable essay that impresses both you and your audience. The key to an outstanding essay is to establish three things: criteria, evidence, and judgments.


This means establishing what qualifies as the ideal of the product, service or place. Demonstrate all the expectations of what the ideal outcome is. Having definite criteria prevents the evaluation from sounding like an opinion. For instance, when you are evaluating a cafeteria, you need to establish the criteria (food quality, price, service, etc.), that any decent restaurant should have.


Judgment is establishing whether or not the criteria has been achieved. Using the example mentioned above, if the initial criterion for the restaurant’s evaluation is food quality, the judgment should indicate whether or not that restaurant provides food that satisfies or exceeds the stated quality.


These are the inner details given to support the judgment. In case your judgment is that a certain cafeteria does not offer good food consistently you will give support to this claim with solid evidence to demonstrate how you made this judgment.

While composing an evaluation paper, each body paragraph shall focus on a given criterion. It should be comprehensively elucidated in addition to the judgment and other pieces of evidence given as support. Due to this, it is imperative that any given evaluation bears several criteria, evidence, and judgments.

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