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Report writing is a crucial task not only in school but also in the real world. Businesses, government agencies, and companies utilize reports to assist them in making quick decisions. Reports also help in communicating internally within an organization to inform decision makers. They also serve as a means of reporting an existing issue affecting the normal operation of a business.

Through writing a report, the organization can work out any modalities of addressing issues affecting the business brand image. Lastly, reports play a key role in updating data about developments, plans, and preparedness for any unforeseen circumstances.

Students normally face a big challenge when it comes to formulating a quality report. One reason for this is that they do not know how to format their reports. Others have poor writing skills which make their reports incomprehensible. Moreover, there are some who do not know how to structure their papers properly.

Common Types of Report Writing

Types of report writing tasks can be subdivided into two major categories. These are formal and informal reports:

Informal Reports

These reports aim at keeping different kinds of people informed about the minor details about a company. The aim of the author should revolve around composing the report in the form of a presentation tool that enables the reader to understand the content easily. It would be prudent for the writer to look for scattered pieces of information. He or she should choose the most effective method of organizing the information. The general structure of this report includes a title then the introduction, description of results, discussions, and appendices.

Formal Reports

A formal report aims at the identification of a problem and seeking its solution. It resembles a dissertation. The author needs to have a clear idea with regards to the instructions that must be observed during the presentation of the report. Having a proper understanding of the context is essential. This enables the writer to elaborate on a particular issue and suggest the solutions that managers can easily implement.

To get a better idea of this process, you can use report examples that give a good illustration of how to proceed. The general report writing format for formal reports is as follows:

Title page, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, terms of reference, procedures, findings, conclusions, recommendations, bibliography, and appendices.

There are various categories of formal reports. These include inspection reports, progress reports, and case reports. There is also another important report known as a police report.

Progress reports give details about the ongoing activities in a project. They are common in the construction industry whereby the contractor must keep the client updated on the level of completion of the project.

In medicine, case reports provide detailed information about the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, medication, and prognosis of a given patient. While writing a case report, you can also include the demographic details of the patient.

What a Police Report Entails

A report from the police is a document detailing crimes or a problematic situation. This is an activity most commonly undertaken by a victim of crime. The document serves as the starting point of crime or law enforcement investigation. Also, it serves as a document for evidence for victims of crime during court hearings and when seeking compensation from insurance companies.

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