Useful Descriptive Essay Guidelines

You finally have to write that descriptive essay. How do you go about it? Descriptive essays can sometimes prove to be troublesome to students for various reasons. Students get stuck trying to compose this type of essay because of various reasons. Professors assign these essays to test a student’s abilities to express their views, ideas, and points in writing.

In this text, our professionals have provided some useful writing basics for descriptive essays. However, a student should first ask themselves what is a descriptive essay?

What Is a Descriptive Essay and What Does It Entail?

Descriptive essays are pieces of academic writing that illustrate an object, an event, a place, a person or a situation. Descriptive essays provide a platform for students to describe various aspects of their lives by painting a clear picture to the reader. Descriptive essays are longer since they seek to present an in-depth analysis of the subject matter.

A descriptive essay thesis is the central point of the essay. It gives the purpose of the whole essay and guides the control of how information will be delivered in the essay. It is usually the final part of the introduction.

Basics of Writing a Descriptive Essay

When writing a descriptive essay, there are some tips that every student should adhere to in order to produce quality work. Our professionals have highlighted some of the main ones to ensure success in writing descriptive essays. They are:

Choose a Good Topic

There are many good quality descriptive essay topics that a student can choose for their essay. Selecting a good topic will ensure that you have the right amount of content in your essay. It will also have some effect in determining the quality of the essay you have. Students can review sample descriptive essay ideas online to help them create suitable topics.


The best way to be good at writing any essay is by practicing. Write some sample descriptive essays and build up your skills and confidence. Once you are familiar with the methods used in writing, the process will definitely be easier.

Drafting and Outlining

Before proceeding to write descriptive essays, you should provide a blueprint of how your essay should look. This is called an outline. Arrange all the main ideas and points in the order they should appear beforehand. This will help you stick to the point when you start writing. In other words, the outline acts as your reference point.

To write a good essay, you might start by creating a first draft. Here you are to refer to your outline and write your essay. In the first draft, the writer can start anywhere and put down the ideas without the fear of making mistakes. A good essay can be created by improving on the first draft until you are confident of the quality you have achieved.

Remember to Show Don’t Tell

Descriptive essays require a student to appeal to all the senses of the reader when writing. Accurate and vivid descriptions of the situations, objects or people will give the reader the sense of being part of the experience. Creating good mental images is very awarding here, and your readers or instructors will enjoy your work.

Structuring Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay format is similar to the format of any normal essay. The structure will have three parts:

  • The introduction
  • The body
  • The conclusion

Wondering how to start a descriptive essay? Let us guide you through it. The first part of the essay is the introduction. In the introduction, the writer is supposed to understand what the essay is about. The first part of the introduction should aim at capturing the attention of the reader and make them more interested in reading the whole essay.

The introduction should provide a background to the essay and a brief overview of what you will have in the body. Revealing the main purpose of the essay in the introduction can make the readers lose the interest to continue reading. So be careful not to reveal too much here. The last sentence of the introduction should be a thesis statement showing the purpose of the essay.

The body contains all the major points supporting the thesis. Each paragraph should have three parts:

  • A topic sentence stating the idea presented
  • Descriptions supporting the idea
  • Closing statement relating the idea to the thesis

Paragraphs should have good flow with the help of transitional words.

In conclusion, the writer should start by restating the thesis. This is to serve as a reminder of what the main purpose of the essay was. Then, state the main points in the body paragraphs supporting the thesis. Also remember to show why the essay is of value to the reader. The last part of the conclusion should leave the reader with a lasting impression of the essay.

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