Awesome Guide for Evaluation Essay Writing

This is one of the most interesting essays students are told to write. This is because they give students a platform to judge things. They might seem interesting and fun but having to write this type of essay might require adherence to specific dos and don’ts. Evaluation essays sometimes cause students writing trouble. This text is meant to provide some basic information that a student should have when tackling evaluation essays.

By Definition What Is an Evaluation Essay?

So, what is an evaluation essay? To answer this question, we need to focus on the word evaluation. Evaluation means making a judgment about something or assessing something. This means that an evaluation essay is a piece of writing aimed at judging or assessing the overall quality of something. Evaluation can be for a book, movie, program, service, business or even an essay evaluation.

So, now that you have an idea of what it is, do you know how to write an evaluation essay?

Essentials on How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essays can sometimes seem complicated until you are familiar with the basic strategies employed when writing them. Here are some of these considerations that Draftify would recommend.

Choose the right Topic

There are a great number of possible evaluation essay topics to choose from. The choice should be based on your interests or something that affects you regularly. This is to ensure that you are very motivated to do the work well. Topic selection should also be based on the amount of information you have on something. It would not be wise to evaluate something that you have not experienced since you do not have all the data required.

Maintaining Objectivity

Evaluation essays require you to provide an assessment on the quality of something. You should ensure that you are not biased when evaluating. Make the evaluations based on reasoned and factual information so as not to come across as having an agenda against or for the subject matter.

Criteria Judgment and Evidence

These are the three main elements used in evaluation essays. You should choose a criterion that is applicable to what you are evaluating. For example, the criteria in analyzing a movie would be characters, length, storyline, graphics, etc. Selecting the right criteria will ensure you obtain the right results.

Judgment is where you decide whether it meets the criterion or how well it does it. When we look at the movie example, we can decide whether the storyline was poor, good or even very good.

The evidence is when you support the judgment with reasonable details. For example, if the storyline of the movie was poor, you can support your judgment by giving valid examples of the shortcomings of the storyline.

Structure of Evaluation Essays

Evaluation essays use the common structure of essays that consists of the three parts namely:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

The Start in Evaluation Essays

When it comes to how to start an evaluation essay well, a writer should start by introducing the topic. This will give the reader your intentions from the start. You can choose to use a hook in the opening statement to capture more readers’ attention.

In the introduction, the student gives the background of what is being evaluated. You can choose to include the reasons for your essay. After including all the relevant information, the last part of the introduction should be the thesis statement.

The evaluation essay thesis of the evaluation is the complete purpose of the essay and should be clear. In other words, the thesis statement should highlight the main argument of the essay.

The body paragraphs are where all the arguments supporting or negating judgments are laid out. The easiest way to ensure neatness is by expounding on one main idea in each. For example, you can choose one criterion to discuss then provide the judgment based on that criterion with the use of evidence. Finally, you should address any objecting or contradicting arguments to strengthen your own.

In conclusion, you will have to summarize the other parts of the essay. You should start by restating the thesis statement and the main aims of the essay. The thesis statement here should be rephrased without losing the main focus. Here you should have the final judgment. The conclusion should also be compelling to leave the reader with a lasting impression.

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