Finding Lab Report Writing Hard? Here Is a Quick Guideline to Assist

If you are pursuing a science-related course, you have to be well-versed with lab report tasks. For better results, you need to get the right materials, follow the procedures, and obtain results that you can confidently present to the professor. How you organize the paper determines its quality. You should consult the professor when anything is confusing on how to write a Lab report.

What Is a Lab Report? Read Carefully Below

Many students ask themselves, what is a lab report? It is a crucial academic paper for those who pursue courses that involve doing experiments in the laboratory. It is a paper that explains the activities that you did during an experiment, the answers provided by the results and the lesson drawn from the analysis.

How to Write a Lab Report Properly

There is a distinction in writing a lab report when compared to the other academic papers like the term papers. While the other papers are made up of the introduction, body, and conclusions, lab reports have different sections. You should begin with the title where you tell the professor what the experiment was about. The statement should be brief. Some professors do not consider this part compulsory. However, you need to consult on the actual requirements from your school on the lab report title page. It is also where you avail your details and the person who assisted you in experimenting if any. Additionally, include the name of your instructor and submission/ completion date of the experiment.

The next part is abstract. Here, you summarize the report. Though it should be brief, do not write it in note form. The first sentence should be a justification of why the experiment was conducted. The professor should know the group(s) that participated in the analysis. You can also highlight the methods used while specifying the main findings. Finally, explain how your tests contribute to the improvement in the existing body of knowledge. Ensure you make the abstract clear so that anyone without expertise in your field can comprehend it.

In the introduction of the lab report format, provide the professor with the real context of your work, and explain what motivated you to experiment. Explain the various theories behind your experiment. Because you rely on information from other sources, ensure that you do your in-text citation properly. Additionally, include the research questions that the experiment answers. If you are unsure of what is expected, check the guide from the instructor. At draftify, we can also assist you in preparing a comprehensive report.

The next step is to give the list of apparatus that you used during the experiment. Where chemical materials are used, specify them as well. After that, explain the methods used in the experiment. Give a step-by-step narration of what you did, such that anyone else can do a similar experiment using your steps. It is also advisable to illustrate the set-up of your experiment using a diagram. In this section, you also need to specify any precautions that should be taken during the experiment process. Include any challenges you faced while experimenting and how you navigated through it.

In the results section, write the data that you obtained from the experiment. The numerical values should be put in a table or graphs so that the readers can find it easy to understand them. All the figures used to present the data should be labeled. Analyze the data as well, and do the calculations where they are required. Explain any diversions from what was expected in the experiment.

In the discussion section, begin by commenting on what the results mean. Through your interpretation, give the results meaning. Demonstrate to the professor that you understand all that happened during your experiment. If there is any notable trend you observed, explain it. Besides, explain the impact any sources of errors had on the investigation. Provide a proper explanation for the cases of unexpected results. In necessary scenarios, explain the improvements that can be made for a better and more accurate experiment.

As you conclude, sum up what has been learned from the experiment as you give the final thoughts. Restate the objective of the experiment and explain if the results answer the fundamental questions raised. Finally, include a reference list for the sources used in the introduction and discussion section.

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