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  • Essay help
    Essay help

    No matter what your subject, topic or essay type is, we’ll help you create a perfectly baked, fully referenced and 100% original piece. The whole process can take as little as 3 hours.

  • Assignment help
    Assignment help

    We work with qualified experts across 40+ subjects, so there’s no assignment we can’t help you with. Provide us with your instructions, and we’ll tell you how to do it right.

  • Editing

    So you’ve already finished your paper and just need a fresh pair of eyes to check it? Send your piece to us, and we will help you find and eliminate all spelling, grammar, formatting, and structure mistakes.

  • Research papers
    Research papers

    We will recommend you online databases and modern credible resources that can help you create a unique research paper. Thus, you will be able to argue a point and show your original perspective supported by strong evidence.

  • PowerPoint presentations
    PowerPoint presentations

    Instead of throwing some numbers and images onto a set of slides, apply for help from our experts. Create a presentation that looks professional and grabs your audience’s attention.

  • Data analysis / statistics
    Data analysis / statistics

    Struggling to perform statistical data analysis? We will match you with a statistics expert who can help you with data collecting, management, analysis, reporting, and presenting.

  • Help with any other task
    Help with any other task

    Message us and describe the task you need help with. No matter what type of academic assistance you need, we’ll find a way to help you.

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Colin Weaver reviewed
Expert Writers 24/7 —
November 16  •

My paper was done long before the deadline. That would have taken me weeks to do myself. And I certainly wouldn't have done as good a job.

Erica Larson reviewed
Expert Writers 24/7 —
November 15  •

First time using services. I am very pleased! 😘 I will most definitely hire writer #87926 again. Thank you once again for amazing work. 🙏The instructions that were given were followed beyond expectations.

John D. Hemsley reviewed
Expert Writers 24/7 —
November 15  •

I was a little nervous about that service, however I'm pleased and confident that I will use you all again if I need any other work completed. I'm really pleased with the timeframe and my paper looks and reads great!

Casey Drake reviewed
Expert Writers 24/7 —
November16  •

My writer was prompt and precise on following instructions. Thank you!

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  • What can I ask you to do for me?
    We provide all kinds of services related to academic tasks and editing. Our experts can help you with papers of any type — from essays and assignments to research reports and dissertations. If you need a unique, mistake-free academic piece, we will share the necessary tools and useful tips with you.
  • How much does it cost?
    The price for your order depends on several factors, such as your academic level, type of work, subject, word count, deadline, etc. Message us, and we’ll calculate the exact price.
  • Can anyone find out I used your service?
    Definitely not. Expert-Writers is a fully confidential service. We won’t ask you for personal details such as your full name or address. All we need are your paper instructions and contact information, and they will be protected by SSL Data Encryption.
  • What if I’m not satisfied with my paper?
    You will be one in 7,000. But if that happens, you can request as many revisions as needed within 14 days. Your expert will go over the paper and help fix everything. If you are completely dissatisfied with the final piece, we’ll provide you with a refund.
  • How fast will you help me deal with my task?
    You will receive help with your task within the specified time frame. If we confirm your order, it means we agree to help you meet the deadline. If we understand that your deadline is too short to make improvements, we’ll tell you about it without charging you anything. We always respect our customers’ time, so you will be able to request revisions if needed.
  • Do you provide any free services?
    Yes, you get several delightful freebies with every order. Firstly, help with the title and bibliography pages comes free of charge. Secondly, you don’t have to pay for changes in formatting. Thirdly, you can request as many sources as you want. And last but not least, you can choose your preferred expert.
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