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One of the more specific tasks that students have to encounter in English is writing an article review. This task will require a student to adhere to a particular structure and to utilize their skills in writing. However, it is common for students to see this task as challenging. In this text, we have broken down the basics of writing a review article to make this task easier for students.

What Is a Review Article and What Is Its Purpose?

Before we go any further, let’s analyze what is a review article. It entails summarizing and assessing another person’s article. It involves the evaluation of a person’s work in terms of the logic of the article, the validity of the arguments. There are two types of reviews: a critical review and a literature review. For the former, it involves one specific article analyzed in detail while the latter uses a variety in a broader sense.

Reviews are critical because they provide the author with an idea of what people feel about their work. Any valid criticism will help them improve on their future works.

Advice on How to Write an Article Review

When it comes to knowing how to write an article review, the first thing a student needs to learn is the format.

Here is the basic format of an article review format that you might use:

  • Title

The title section should present the scope of your review.

  • Citation

Cite the article that you will be reviewing. This goes directly under the title.

  • Abstract

This is where you provide a summary of the review question. Three hundred words should be enough for this section.

  • Introduction

In this segment, you provide some insight into what your work will do. Highlight the themes that are central to the article and the main arguments that the author presents. You will have to derive the thesis yourself from the article. Finish your introduction with a thesis statement.

  • Summary

This is where you produce the main points of the article the arguments and findings.

  • The critique

Here, you should provide your opinion, showing how effective the author was in addressing their topic. Do not overuse examples. Explain the contributions that this article might have on your field of study. Finish your critique by showing how the reader can benefit from the article.

  • Conclusion

Briefly summarize all the main ideas expressed in the article. You should then give your opinion on the precision, accuracy, and even the importance of the article. Highlight any areas of further research.

Fundamental Tips for Writing a Review Article

Plan- You need to formulate a plan on how you intend to proceed. Know the basis to which you will be analyzing the work.

Read the article thoroughly- Before proceeding to write a review article, you need to ensure that you have read and understood the article properly. Read and re-read it, while familiarizing yourself with its main themes.

It is important to be well informed about the topic from which your review is discussing. This will be essential when you are summarizing the article.

Outline your work-The outline is like a blueprint to what your paper should look like. This is where you show all the main points that you will include in your paper in the order they will appear. The outline contains all the elements of the structure stated. This means that it will help guide you during the writing and ensure that you stay on the main topic.

Avoid subjective word when writing-With your review; the main aim is to present your view of an article without forcing them on the reader. Avoid adjectives like amazing, remarkable, great when writing your review. Give your reader a chance to form their own opinions.

Define any uncertainties that may be present- Ensure that the reader understands anything you discuss in the review.

Properly support your work with evidence- In your article review, you need to use evidence when discussing how well or poorly the author was able to get their ideas across. You have to support the arguments you provide with evidence to support them. Otherwise, you will appear biased or a person with an agenda related to the author.

Proofread your work- When you are done writing, the next important step is to proofread your review. Go through the work identifying any errors in terms of grammar and language. Furthermore, confirm that you have supported your facts correctly.

There are different articles that one can review. You can have reviews for journals, novels, and books. Some of the article review examples are present in the samples we have provides on our website.

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